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This bicycle needs repairing.


I'm sure I turned off the gas.

I thought you'd appreciate what Olof did for you.

He holds a record in swimming.

Thad has to confess his crime.

First of all, power off your cellphones and remain silent.

I don't talk to them anymore.

It was not until then that he learned the truth.

Is that what you really believe?

Don't bite your nails.


Shai needs his sleep.


I wish I knew how to drive a car.

Are you guys going to Hirotoshi's for Thanksgiving?

I'm older than he is.

You cannot get blood out of a stone.

The only way on Earth to multiply happiness is to divide it.

Do you want to tell me who that was?

Anyone fancy a cuppa?


Emily read a book.

The rice crop was scanty this year.

Somebody attacked her.

Why didn't someone help us?

As is often the case with 13 to 19 year olds, she's conceited.


I don't really know them at all.

Manavendra and I seldom agree on anything.

Johann has something he can't wait to show you.


Please provide names.

Man is a social being.

Who does want change?

Cocktail parties can be boring.

Rudolf wasn't able to contact Patricia by phone.

Janice said he would be here.

She has a ring whose value is beyond belief.


They're really something.

I've never met her.

Don't stick your nose into my personal affairs.

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For better or worse, there is nothing for it but to leave the matter in his hands.

Vern reached over and opened the glove compartment.

Money remains an issue.


He's tight with money.


We have to be proactive.

She has hazel eyes.

In India, cows are sacred animals.

It was the war which has changed Japan.

Let me tell you how this works.

It's time to change that.

Teacher Zhang teaches Chinese to his students at school every day.


Marcel was happy to comply with the result.


Nothing is wrong.

Bosses are people, too.

The demotion of Pluto from the status of a planet was a very hotly debated issue within the astronomical community.

Something awful happened to Irving.

I don't have anything else I can give you.

I'm not sure what happened.

Do you know the words to that song?

Barney wired Swamy three hundred dollars.

We had a fire drill yesterday.

His desires are incompatible with his income.

He works hard to support his aged mother.

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I thought you might try to do something like that.

Your language is your religion.

Let's start with this wine.


The rumor is that they're going to Australia.


There's a big black truck parked in your driveway.


It's a disgrace to our family!

Ji Jackson was one of the names I recognized on that list.

I took over the business from my father.

Next time, ask me before you use my car.

At last, I found out the answer to the question.

"What is four plus five?" "Four plus five is nine."

I didn't see her do that.

Sonja ate some ice cream.

I thought you guys were my friends.

They stayed at a small, but luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of Berlin.

There was not one child in the park yesterday.

We enjoyed ourselves at the seaside all day.

What's the fastest way to get to the airport from here?

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It just slays me every time I see it.

When the cat is not there, the mice are dancing.

Tao is a boxer.


I don't want you to worry about anything, OK?

For a bit of a change from red meat, for tonight I've cooked turkey breasts in mushroom sauce.

I am selling my goats.

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Things are different here.

Tommy doesn't approve of the way Drew's been behaving.

He admitted that I was right.


I want three pairs of socks.

Can't you see we're talking?

Her answer couldn't be understood.


Jones has recently lost his job.

You didn't tell us what he had written in this letter.

Do you know how fast you were going?

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Some food was brought to them.


Here, let me help you.

Norm, you're way ahead of me.

His parents' view was that he was wasting his earnings on a silly girl.

Please don't say "I told you so."

The kids are playing dodgeball.

Tell her you lied.

We suggested Kyoritsu Bussan approach you for assistance.

I am a lover of the beautiful.

It was nice of you to stop by.

My condolences!

Can we interview her?

Why didn't you just tell Troy?

A good store is where the bread is always hot and the drinks are always cold.

Hume, will you stop that?

We only have a limited number of neurons.

Do you want me to talk to Tal about that?

In fall they go back to school.


You were wise not to follow his advice.

Debbie clearly misunderstood what I said.

What a terrible mistake!

I'm from Thailand.

Doug simply can't be trusted.

I'm sorry this took so long.

Put the pliers in the tool box.

This is an acceptable gift to everyone.

Srikanth's well.


Curt was diagnosed with autism.


I thought it looked suspicious.

I am called Sara.

This is a love song.


Today, we'll learn three new words.

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Where did you try them?

If you have problems with low libido my suggestion is to go see a doctor or someone with expertise on this issue.

It's clear to everybody.

Maybe it's about time I started learning to do programming.

You'll start a new lesson as soon as you've finished this one.


He had some fun.

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He knows how to tell jokes.

Irving works as a bouncer in a nightclub.

This can be easily proven.

I want to speak with Donal now.

I have to get to school.

Did you really think I wouldn't find out that you went there last night?

Our magazine need better writers.


I am thirsty.

Those students are Korean.

She seems interested in him.

I received a welcome.

I know he did it.

I'm completely cool about all of this.

Life is really hard.


The emigrants have endured physical and mental pain.

I will prepare a little tea.

I know what time you said you would be there, but I wasn't able to be there at that time.

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He speaks French and of course he speaks English, too.


I've never been this scared before.

Until now sugar had been detected in my urine once, however this time there is only albumin.

I should never have done it.


Yes, I am married.

She milked the cow.

After lunch today, our plan is to take a walk in the park.

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I'm not much of an athlete.

Making a choice always means making a sacrifice, giving up one thing for another.

Matthew told the police he had been framed.

Palm oil production is the leading cause of deforestation in Indonesia.

You're both very polite.

You have no idea what happened, do you?

He ran the risk of having an accident.

He fixed his eyes on me.

Remember to answer his letter.